Part 2: Parts of a CSS Rule. Each of the rule examples above (html selector, class , and ID), consist of three distinct parts. The first part of the rule 


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Any rules specified in the style sheet itself override conflicting rules in the imported style sheets. HTML 4.0 adds the CLASS, STYLE, and ID attributes, among others.

Since DIV may contain other block-level containers, it is useful for marking large sections of a document, such as this note.

The closing tag is required.

The RULES Attribute. RULES, an HTML 4.0 attribute, indicates if there should be internal borders in the table.We’ll go over each of the values of RULES and demonstrate how they are used.RULES and FRAME have an annoying way of changing each other’s defaults. To simplify your life, here’s a rule of thumb: if you use RULES also use FRAME and BORDER.It’s easier to avoid getting confused. 2021-03-05 2020-08-25 The unspoken but assumed behavior that conveys politeness is strongly based on culture. One of the easiest ways to inadvertently cause offense is either to violate a cultural taboo or to fail to follow one of society's rules of polite behavior.

Id html rules

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